Video and images of East End Bridge design by WVB East End Partners available for viewing


Below is a video plus several images of the bridge design by WVB East End Partners.  Click on any image to view a larger version.

Click on image above to view video. This is a large file (30 meg) and may take a while to download.

The bridge design by WVB East End Partners is a convex diamond-tower cable-stayed structure. This design is very similar to one favored by the public in a 2006 survey.

The extreme distance between the two convex diamond towers provides a wide, boater friendly channel.

The innovative bridge structure was designed to blend in with the region’s rural and historic characteristics.

The convex diamond towers and other curved vertical elements, such as the roadway lighting and pedestrian walkway railings, give the bridge a curvilinear theme.

The towers and cables are designed to give motorists clear views of the landscape. This is the view crossing from Kentucky to Indiana.

A 14-foot pedestrian/bicycle path will run along the west side of the bridge.

Pedestrians and cyclists have their own lane protected from vehicle traffic.

From a distance, the bridge design resembles a sailboat, which is keeping with this popular boating section of the river.

This shows a motorist's view approaching the bridge.