Residents near Downtown Crossing construction site may hear blasts Thursday, May 30


Pre-construction activities are continuing for the Downtown Crossing of the Ohio River Bridges Project and nearby residents may hear some of that progress loud and clear Thursday.

Walsh Construction will be assessing the sturdiness of a test shaft drilled in late April.  The series of tests, which will simulate the impact of a vessel striking the pier, are known as lateral Statnamic load tests.

The day-long testing includes four or five successive tests, increasing loads and creating louder sounds.  The last and loudest of the tests will sound similar to a small cannon or large firework.  The sounds will be noticeable to those within 500 feet of the test site, but will not require any hearing protection for residents.

The 50-foot deep test shaft is located on the Indiana side of the Ohio River, east of the Kennedy Bridge, near Riverside Drive in Jeffersonville.  The tests are in preparation for building the piers for the new Downtown Crossing.  The new bridge will be built with nine piers, four on land and five in the water.