Kentucky, Indiana agreement helps DBEs


The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and Indiana Department of Transportation have reached an agreement that will help Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) interested in being part of the Ohio River Bridges Project. The two states have agreed to accept DBE certification from each other, which will allow firms certified in either state to qualify as DBEs in the other state.

According to the federal regulations, a DBE must be certified in the state where they are performing work for DBE participation to be counted toward a contract.  This Project specific agreement will allow Indiana DBEs to be counted as certified in Kentucky on the Downtown Crossing portion of the Project and will allow Kentucky DBEs to be counted as certified in Indiana for the East End Crossing portion of the Project.

For questions concerning DBE programs in Kentucky and Indiana, go to:

KY Transportation Cabinet DBE Certification (KYTC)

IN Department of Transportation DBE Certification (INDOT)