East End Blasting Schedule for Week of June 25, 2013


JUNE 20, 2013 – Blasting to prepare for the new tunnel on the east end of Louisville is scheduled for the afternoons of Thursday, June 27, and Friday, June 28. Blasting will occur near the intersection of US 42 and KY 841 at approximately 2:00 p.m. on both days. Prior to each blast, traffic within these areas must be stopped for five to 20 minutes for the safety of the workers and the travelling public.  Traffic stops during the blasts will occur on KY 841 between Wolf Pen Branch Road and US 42, and on US 42 between Wolf Pen Branch Road and Bridgepointe Boulevard.

NOTE: A message will be posted on the project website at www.kyinbridges.com Thursday of each week regarding the anticipated blasting schedule for the following week. Pre-blast surveys are ongoing; no blasting will occur within 500 feet of any residence prior to the completion of a pre-blast survey for that residence.