Commencement of East End Crossing Construction set for May 28


Although site preparation and pre-construction activities have been underway for months, Tuesday, May 28, will mark the commencement of construction for the East End Crossing.

This means that construction activities will get into full swing.  The more visible activity through the end of June will occur on the Kentucky side.  In Indiana, significantly visible activity will not take place until mid-August.

Activity in Kentucky through the end of June includes:

Excavation activities along KY 841 near U.S. 42 and the planned KY 841 at River Road.

Temporary pavement widening for upcoming traffic changes at KY 841 and U.S. 42, beginning the week of May 28, with completed traffic reconfiguration expected on approximately June 5th.

The traffic changes will include closure of one left-turn lane from westbound U.S. 42 onto KY 841 (which currently consists of two lanes), closure of the dedicated right-turn lane from eastbound U.S. 42 onto KY 841, and shifting of the northbound KY 841 ramp traffic at U.S.42.

With the traffic switch, a new traffic signal will be added on KY 841 about 2,000 feet south of the U.S. 42 / KY 841 interchange.  This light will enable construction site traffic to safely enter and exit KY 841.

Blasting near the intersection of U.S. 42 and KY 841 will begin in mid-June.  Prior to each blast, traffic within 800 feet will be stopped.  Each stoppage may last from about five minutes to 20 minutes.  Traffic stops for blasting to occur during off-peak hours between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.  Once blasting begins, there generally will be about two to four blasts per day.  Weekly notifications will be sent out with more specifics.

It is also important to note that U.S. 42 will maintain its two lanes of traffic in each direction throughout the construction period.