A Reminder About the East End Blasting Schedule


With blasting set to begin later this month, this is a reminder of the process for informing the community of planned blasting activities.

A message will be posted here by Thursday of each week regarding the anticipated blasting schedule for the following week.  These weekly blasting schedules will include the locations of the blasting, times of day for the blasting, and the roads that are anticipated to be affected by short traffic stoppages at the time of each blast.  Prior to each blast, traffic within 800 feet must be stopped for the safety of the workers and the traveling public.  Each traffic stoppage will last five to 20 minutes.  Traffic stops for blasting will generally occur during off-peak hours – between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.  Once blasting begins, there will generally be about two to four blasts per day.

In addition to the weekly blasting schedules, other updates regarding blasting will be posted here as necessary.

You can also receive these updates via Twitter @EastEndCrossing and at www.facebook.com/OhioRiverEastEndCrossing.